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(Y1/2) The Rainbows - Miss Sides


Teacher: Miss Sides

Support: Miss Hartley 


Welcome to the Y1/2 class page!


Here we will be updating you with curriculum details, photos and information relating to our class.

Week commencing 11.06.18


This week has been full of fun! In music we practised making quiet and loud sounds using a range of instruments. We then worked in groups to recreate the sound of Cyclone Xaver tearing through the UK. The musical performances were fantastic! On Wednesday Barnsley FC came into school to run a penalty shoot-out competition! We all had a go and everyone in Rainbow Class scored at least one goal. On Thursday a special visitor came into class. They had lived through Cyclone Xaver so came to share their experience through a Q&A session and photographs. We then used that information to write a news article.


Quiet and Loud Sounds

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Week commencing 04.06.18


Summer 2 has got off to a brilliant start! We have launched our new ‘coastlines’ topic and made a ‘seaside in a bottle’. In maths we have been learning to recognise and name 3D shapes. Did you know that we use the words: faces, vertices and edges when describing the properties of 3D shapes? In English this week we have written a fact file about Cyclone Xaver. We really enjoyed using the iPads find out some information.



Week commencing 21.05.18


During maths this week we have been learning all about measuring volume. We thought the best way to learn would be to go outside and use the water table. It was really tricky to measure accurately! In English this week we wrote about Robin Hood for a JMAT writing competition – did you know that he stole from the rich to give to the poor? We thought it was a very brave thing to do, although stealing is against our Green Family Values.

Week commencing 14.05.18


In our art and design lessons this week we made our very own chocolate apples! First we designed the chocolate apples, then we made our chocolate apples, and finally we developed packaging. We really enjoyed making a product and learning about the important features of packaging. During English this week we wrote a set of ‘How to Make a Chocolate Apple’ instructions. We included time conjunctions and imperative verbs. To celebrate the Royal Wedding we had a lunchtime picnic party on Friday, it was great!

Week commencing 07.05.18


What an exciting week! After our Bank Holiday Monday, we had lots of fun learning about money in maths. Mr Wild brought in some real money for us to use! We learnt how to recognise each coin and then had a go at solving some money problems. On Friday we went to the EIS for the JMAT Mini Olympics day. We had a go at numerous different activities including: 400m track, boxing, cricket, long jump, high jump and hockey. It was an absolutely amazing day and Rainbow Class were superstars!  

Week commencing 30.04.18


In Rainbow Class this week we have continued to practise telling the time in maths. We are getting really confident and can even tell the time to the nearest quarter of an hour! We have also been using the stop watch on the Ipad to time each other doing 60 second challenges. How many star jumps can you do in 60 seconds?


In science this week we have been learning about what plants need to grow and stay healthy. We found out that plants need: soil, water, light, space and air to grow and then planted some cress seeds in our hand made plant pots to take home. On Thursday we made predictions about what would happen to a plant if we took away water or light, we then set up an experiment to test this.

Week commencing   23.04.18


CHOCOLATE THIEF ON THE LOOSE! On Monday we discovered that someone had been stealing chocolate. After interviewing the victims and following the clues, we think that the Chocolate Monster (who is a master of disguise) snuck into school on Monday morning whilst we were busy learning and devoured the chocolate in the ICT suite. We have written an official public warning and a newspaper article to remind everybody to stay vigilant.  In D&T we made monster traps so hopefully we will catch it!

In maths this week we have learnt how to tell time on an analogue clock. We now know that there are 60 second in a minute, 60 minutes in an hour and 24 hours in a day. We made our own clock using a paper plate and then worked in a team to make a clock using objects.

Week commencing  16.04.18


We have had an amazing week! In maths we have learnt all about measuring length. It has been a lot of fun! On Monday we were measuring items using objects, many of the class chose to use cubes. On Tuesday we then went on a treasure hunt around school in search of specific objects to measure using a ruler. We have learnt all about centimetres and how to use a ruler accurately.

On Wednesday afternoon something very exciting happened … there was a bouncy castle on the playing field! The ten children from our class who had attendance above the school target for Spring Term got to go outside and play on it. They also enjoyed a carousel of sports games and a delicious ice cream.  

Week commencing 09.04.18


Welcome back to school! After two weeks off everybody was eager to get back and learn new things. Our class question this half term is ‘Why is chocolate so delicious?’. We started to read The Chocolate Monster by Pip Jones and we have learnt about where chocolate comes from. In science this week we dissected some plants and wrote down everything we knew about plants already and what we wanted to find out.

Week commencing  19.03.18


Rainbow Class have been enjoying a week of making money and partying! We made a grand total of £140 through our slimy enterprise project (minus resource deductions). We have donated half of the money to the school pet fund and have kept the other half for ourselves. We are currently thinking of what we’d like to buy with it.  

Last week our class had 100% attendance so we had a disco to celebrate. It was great fun, our Y2 boys became DJs and the classroom was transformed with balloons, a disco glitter ball and party lights!

Have a lovely Easter everybody!

Week commencing 12.03.18


This week we hit the ground running with our enterprise project. We set up a raffle and the sale of slime begun! The class also worked together to make a TV advert and put posters around school to increase sales. On Thursday we had our World Book Day. We had so much fun sharing our favourite stories and working with Chris during a writing workshop.  We came up with a class story together which was all about a poisonous snake called ‘Sniffers’ who gobbled up a snail, caterpillar, a silver fish, a camel and a bee before sneezing them all back out again! On Friday we had our Science Day and had a go at some amazing experiments!  We made a water xylophone and dissolved skittles in water. We learnt about the scientific process of predicting, conducting an experiment and then recording results.


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Week commencing 05.03.18


We have had a very exciting week! On Monday we received an important letter from Mr
Minor.  There was a loan of £20 with the letter and we were invited to develop an enterprise project.  We came up with some ideas of ways to make money including: having a bake sale, making ornaments to sell, doing odd jobs for people and making pots of slime to sell. We then had a class vote and making slime won! After conducting a survey around school to find out what the most popular colours for slime would be, we went into production. Working as a team, we made over 100 pots of slime and also designed, cut out and taped on various labels. During our English lessons we learnt about imperative verbs and were able to include these in our instructions about how to make slime.

Week commencing 26.02.18


What an arctic week! We started the week off thinking about how the snail from our class book (The Snail and the Whale by Julia Donaldson) felt on his adventures around the world. In maths we were continuing to practise our division skills. By Wednesday the weather had turned and there was a lot of snow so classroom learning was postponed. We brought a snowball in from outside and timed how long it took to melt. It slowly began to melt as soon as it was inside the classroom. It had fully melted after 2 hours. Stay safe in the snow Rainbows!

Week commencing 19.02.18


Welcome back after half term! This week we got stuck into our new book, The Snail and the Whale by Julia Donaldson, and also pondered the question “Would a whale make a good pet?”.  In the afternoons we learnt about different animals and went on a mini beast hunt around school. We saw: a fly stuck in a web, worms and woodlice! We also enjoyed some art and IPad time as part of our Pebble Jar reward. During maths this week we have been learning how to divide using objects.

Week commencing 05.02.18


We have had the most amazing week! On Tuesday we went to Pizza Express. We had a brilliant time tossing pizza dough, putting toppings onto our very own pizzas and learning about Queen Margarita.  Did you know that a Margarita pizza represents the Italian flag? The passata sauce represents the red, the mozzarella cheese represents the white and the basil leaf represents the green. We also tried: cherry tomatoes, capers, olives, fresh basil and salami. The capers were very salty! When we got back to school we wrote thank you letters to Pizza Express and then wrote a recount of our day in English. In maths this week we learnt all about arrays. We used peg boards and elastic bands so solve multiplication problems and then we went on to draw our own arrays.

Week commencing 22.01.18


In maths this week we have been learning about equal and unequal groups through lots of practical activities. On Tuesday we went on a lovely walk to the Marks & Spencer food hall.  We went to buy Indian food and when we got back to school we really enjoyed eating it! We tried: naan bread, korma sauce, chapattis and poppadums. Luna came with us on the walk and we loved watching her run through the trees.   

Week commencing 15.01.18


This week we have learnt all about equal and unequal groups in maths. We have spent time sorting objects and pictures into equal groups as well as writing the number sentences! In English this week we have had a go at including adjectives in our writing. We have described the tiger from our story, The Runaway Chapatti, and also used our imagination to step into a magical Indian jungle.

Week commencing 08.01.18


Happy new year! We have had a wonderful first week back after the Christmas holiday. We have loved finding out about multiplication in maths and our new topic of ‘Who on Earth are we?’ is well under way. We have learnt about India and have really enjoyed reading the story ‘The Runaway Chapatti’. We even made our very own chapattis! Luckily they didn’t run away.

Week commencing 18.12.17


With Christmas fast approaching we have had a lovely week making cards and gifts for our families. We also did the most amazing job of performing and singing in our school play, The Bossy Fairy. In RE this week we retold the Christmas story and went on to paint a beautiful nativity scene. We used our colour wheel knowledge to mix the colour purple. During PE we showed off our gymnastic skills to the rest of the class.

Week commencing 4.12.17


Rainbow class have worked their socks off this week! 

We created a storyboard of 'Goldilocks and the Three Bears' and then went on to retell the story in our writing lessons. The standard of writing has been so high that many children have received an effort level 5! 

In maths we have been looking at missing number problems for addition and subtraction. We had lots of fun working these problems out practically and in small groups. 



Week commencing 27.11.17


This week the children took it in turns to act out a scenario from The Jolly Postman. They had to decide whether or not the Giant would forgive Jack for stealing his golden-egg-laying hen! 


We also spent our afternoons making some incredible 'school pet' themed Christmas tree decorations. We made snails out of card, glitter and pipe cleaners; as well as chickens out of plastic spoons and card. The decorations can be seen up close at the Christ Church Brampton Tree Festival. 





Week commencing 20.11.17


This week we have continued to read The Jolly Postman in our English lessons. We read the letter which Goldilocks sent to Baby Bear. In the letter, Goldilocks apologised to Baby Bear for eating his porridge and for breaking his chair; we had a class debate on whether or not Goldilocks should be forgiven. 

In maths we have been solving missing number problems and looked at different ways to make 10. 

During the afternoons, we used the IPads to research James Starley (known as the 'Father' of the bicycle industry) and we have also made our own vehicles using recycled materials. 





Week commencing 13.11.17


We have had a very exciting week! 

On Tuesday we went to the cinema to see Cars 3. We were all superstars and were great role models for the other children there. Then, on Friday it was fancy dress day for Children in Need! We all looked brilliant and had lots of fun. 

Week Commencing 6.11.17


This week we settled back into school after the half term holiday.


Our new topic is ‘Could you be the next Lightning McQueen?’.


We have started to learn all about different types of transport. On Tuesday we reassembled a bike and discussed what each part was for.


In English, we read The Jolly Postman by Janet & Allan Ahlberg. The postman needed to deliver mail to lots of fairy-tale characters so we drew a map for him so he wouldn’t get lost.


In maths we have been using part-whole models to help with our number bonds, addition and subtraction.

Autumn 1


Rainbow class have had a brilliant start to the school year!


We received a mysterious letter from an alien called Obb. We decided to invite Obb to Brampton Bierlow, but before we could do this we had to go on several local walks to find out what there is to see and do. We wrote letters to him explaining all about the local shops and the church. We then sent the letters from the post office.


A few weeks later Obb came to visit! Some of us were a little scared at first, but then we were all really excited to know that our letters had been received.


As well as writing letters to Obb, we have also learnt all about place value in maths and we have worked hard to improve our reading. 

Autumn 1