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Picture 1 Mrs Aston
Picture 2 Mrs Barlow
Picture 3 Mrs Menzies
Picture 4 Miss Sides
Picture 5 Miss Stewart
Picture 6 Miss Hartley
Picture 7 Mrs Balint-Pratt
Picture 8 Miss Finley
Picture 9 Mr Savage
Picture 10 Mrs Lodge
Picture 11 Mrs Preece
Picture 12 Miss Arundel
Picture 13 Miss Hall
Picture 14 Mrs Staniforth
Picture 15 Mr Eyre
Picture 16 Mrs Rogers
Picture 17 Miss Tadajewski
Picture 18 Miss Barker
Picture 19 Mr Salmons
Picture 20 Mrs Willis
Picture 21 Mrs Steeple
Picture 22 Mrs Spencer
Picture 23 Mrs Frost
Picture 24 Mrs Bell
Picture 25 Miss Caine
Picture 26 Mrs Welbourne
Picture 27 Mrs Cusworth
Picture 28 Mrs Taylor
Picture 29 Mrs Burnett

School Staff (hover over the photo to see the staff members name)

Safeguarding Team


Our Designated Safeguarding Lead is:

Mrs S. Aston


In her absence please contact:

Miss Finley or Mrs Preece


Our Designated Safeguarding Governor is:

Mrs C Wiliamson