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Thank you for visiting 'The Explorers' web page. This half term we are learning about 'Plants'. We have already begun planting some Sweet Pea seeds and have set up an experiment to help us learn what a plant needs to grow. 


We will keep updating our photos so don't forget to check back to see what we have been learning about. 




The Explorers Weekly Blog.


2nd July 2015.



This week has been a little different for the Explorers as they have had their transition days in their new classrooms with their new teachers. Children going into Miss Finley's class have used peg boards for repeating patterns, designed their dream homes and then made a collage of them, sketched self portraits, shown what number facts they know and written an acrostic poem. Max said of his transition days: "I am happy to be going to Miss Finley's class because I will learn new things. I will like being the oldest class in school and it is all very exciting." Kuba said: "I like my friends in my new class because they are kind to me and I will like doing all the new things. I am excited to go into Miss Finley's class too."


Morgan will be with Mrs Brown next year, for his transition days he created a friendship bracelet using a repeating pattern, made an animal mask collage, designed his coat peg label, wrote about jungle animals and enjoyed playing in the ice-cream parlor. He said: "I like the new things in my new classroom like the play area because it is fun. The children in my new class are very kind and I am excited to be going into Mrs Brown's class."


Today all the children took part in the Race for Life event, raising money for 'Cancer Research UK' and enjoyed their run around the obstacle course. Well done all Explorers!



The Explorer's library day is Thursday of every week, please ensure your child remembers their library book so we can change it on that day. If the book is misplaced then please see any class staff member with £3 so we can replace it and continue to provide books for your child.


Our PE days are Tuesday and Wednesday, we still have children not bringing a PE kit to school and as a result may miss out on the activities in this lesson. Please ensure your child has trainers (or pumps), a white t-shirt and a pair of shorts available for these days.  






*Come back next week for the Explorers Weekly update.*

"Hi my name is Christine Steeple and I am The Explorers class governor. Lots of children and parents know me from Smarties group over at the Centre. I have two children of my own who are now in senior school. I hope to visit you in class as often as possible and I am on-site for any parent who would like to say hello."


Christine Steeple, Class Governor.