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Our School Councillors

In September each class held nominations and voted for two classmates to become school councillors. When choosing their candidates they had to think about who would be a good role model, who follows our school ‘Green Family Values’, who would have good ideas, who would work  well as part of a team and who would be confident to speak out on behalf of other children.


As a result the following children were chosen:

F2 Adventure Squad: Charlie S

F2: The Explorers: Rocco

Year 1/2 The Incredibles: Nevaeh

Year 1/2 The Incredibles:  Rossi

Year 1 Avengers: Evie 

Year 1 Avengers: Jackson

Year 2 Eagles: Grace B

Year 2 Eagles: Oscar D

Year 2 Griffins: Lili C

Year 2 Griffins: Charlie P


The school council have an important role within school. They are responsible for helping the school staff to gather ideas and information from their classmates regarding many different topics. They take turns each month to update class attendance boards and they feedback any ideas or suggestions from their classmates at council meetings.


Introduction Meeting.

In our introduction meeting we introduced ourselves to each other and all the children received their School Council pin badge. We discussed what the role of School Councillor involves. The children came up with some great ideas about what personal qualities a School Councillor should have.


In our next meeting we will start the selection process for Playground Buddies.

We had a great response from the children around school who wanted to be playground buddies. The school Councillors collected a list of names of children who wanted to be selected. They brought the list to the school council meeting and we discussed what qualities would make a good playground buddy. We then went through each class to vote for 2 playground buddies. The children were very good at reasoning to help decide the candidates when votes were tied. Once decided the Councillors went back to class to share the good news.
As you may be aware we are revamping our school Library. The children were set the task of collecting design ideas from their classmates. We went into the new library area and brainstormed some ideas about decor, seating, soft furnishings etc. so that they could discuss these further with their classmates. They went back to class and collated all their ideas on a design sheet which they returned to Mrs Littlewood. We can't wait to see the end result!


Autumn Term: 2017

The school council introduced themselves to each other and we discussed our new role as school councillors and what it involved.

Our first challenge was to choose ten new playground buddies, two for each morning playtime, we talked about what qualities a good Playground Buddy should have.

The Councillors then took back a 'sign up sheet' for anyone who wanted to apply.

The following week each councillor brought their list to the meeting and we discussed each candidate and voted for the ones who we thought we be best for the role. The children had some great ideas and used their reasoning skills well to come up with 10 great new playground buddies.