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Rotherham Charter for Parent & Child Voice

We are proud to let you know that we now have Charter Gold. Please read the report below.

What is the Charter?


The Charter is an award that schools can achieve for working in an open, honest partnership with parents and children. Schools must be able to show that parents and children are valued as partners in all aspects of the work in school.  Schools able to evidence outstanding practice may be awarded Charter Gold.

The Charter includes four key principles:

  • We will welcome and care for you and your child

  • We will value and include you and your child in every aspect of what we do

  • We will communicate with you and your child openly, clearly and honestly

  • We will work in partnership with you and your child to enable us to be the best we can be

How can we work together to achieve the Charter?

We are proud to be awarded Charter Gold. 






We wanted to share with you some recent feedback that we received in school. Your feedback is important to us and we appreciate all comments received.


"We find the school excellent and always have. Thank you"


"There isn't any opportunity to come in to Smarties to join in learning" Smarties have 


"The school is a safe environment for children"


"Good learning environment"


"Friendly, safe, enjoyable"


"A better system is needed for picking F2 kids up as it is a nightmare" Mrs Aston and Miss Finley are looking in to ways to help the access at home time on the F2 corridor. We will be updating parents shortly. However, if you have any ideas please pop in to see us.


"School does not communicate very well face to face with parents" We are very sad to hear this. We have an open door policy where parents can chat to  their child class teacher, Mrs Aston or Miss Finley. Mrs Preece is also available to help parents with any concerns and the office staff are always on hand to take any messages  and offer help if needed. We have also this year increased the number of staff meeting and greeting  on the entrance in a morning.


"Every child is encouraged to do their best"


"Love Friday assembly" So do we! We have recently changed things and included 'Super Hero of the Week'. We hope you like these new changes.


"I love having Luna and Bella etc within the school. Great for all" We agree Luna and Bella do a fantastic job of helping the children (and staff). We love that we have our school pets. Luna listens to the children read daily, and the amount of children bringing in their written work for her to see has been amazing! Look on our Luna page for more information on our school pets.


"A computer club would be nice" We think that this is a fabulous idea.  We were very lucky to access some funding and now have a designated ICT suite for the children to use. In addition we are currently looking in to offering an after school  or lunchtime computer club. We are also thinking of offering parents the opportunities to use our ICT suite for CV writing. What do you think?


"Smarties is a great environment. The outside space is amazing. My child enjoys school"


"Ensure all the children achieve the best they can and recognise this each week including out of school achievements" We look forward to hearing about what the children are doing out of school. We love to celebrate all their achievements. We have had footballers, swimmers, rugby players, Beaver awards, skydivers (!!!), library reading awards, horse riders, dancers, athletes, children doing fundraising, gymnasts...The list is exhaustive!


"Fantastic atmosphere, kids love Brampton Cortonwood and so do the parents" Thank you. It means a lot to us all that you recognise how special our school is!