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(F2) Shining Stars - Miss Stewart

Shining Stars

Teacher: Miss Stewart

Support: Miss Arundel, Miss Hall and Mrs Willis


Welcome to the Shining Stars class page!


Our trip to the park and a Friday treat!

The children have had a fantastic year in F2 and are almost ready for year 1! In our weeks leading upto the summer holidays we have been looking at place value of numbers, writing our own comic strips, and practising all of our phase 3 and 4 phonics!

Below are a few pictures of our final weeks in F2 and there are even some from our transition day to year 1!

Penalty Shootout

In Literacy this week we have read the story of the Enormous Turnip! We have looked at different vegetables and talked about why it is important to be healthy. We have described these vegetables and come up with our own sentences. We have also wrote our versions of the Enormous Turnip story!

In maths we have been learning about positional language. We have described the position of objects (on top of, under, next to, behind) etc.

In phonics we have been practising reading and writing words containing all of our phase 3 phonics sounds!

The children have enjoyed playing outdoors this week! Here are a few pictures of our week!

Here are a few pictures of the F2 children enjoying the lovely weather we have had lately!
Below are some pictures of the children's attendance reward. Any child whose attendance was 96% or above recieved a treat which included a bouncy castle, ice cream and sports games. 

The children have enjoyed a really busy first week back! Our topic has changed which means the areas or provision have been changed. Our role play area is Goldilocks and the three bears' house. The writing area is a castle, our table top activity includes a castle and dragons and our play dough table is based on the gingerbread man. All half term we are going to be reading traditional tales and fairy tales. 

We have begun by reading Goldilocks and the three bears as part of our Literacy, as well as Little red riding hood, three billy goats gruff and the gingerbread man at story time.

In Literacy the children have been writing letters to the bears from Goldilocks and wrote their own instructions for how to make porridge.

In maths we have been exploring weight and using the language 'heavier' and 'lighter'. 

In phonics we are learning our final sounds 'ear' and 'er'. We have practiced reading and writing with these.



Summer 1 Homework Challenge

This week in F2 we have been looking at different Pets! In literacy we have created fact files of all the different animals in our school. These will be displayed on the WOW work display after Easter! We had a visit from a real vet on Monday, who told us how she helps animals get the better. 


In phonics we have learnt the sounds, or, ur and ow. We have used these to sounds out and blend words such as (fork, fur, and cow). 


In Maths we have moved on to Shape. We have learnt about 2D and 3D shapes and the difference between them (flat and solid). We have build our own shape models and talked about which shapes they used. 

The children enjoyed world book day and a few photos of the day are below! The children enjoyed listening to all they adult's favourite stories and even got a visit from Mr Savage who came to read his favourite story! The children coloured in book character pictures and colored a picture of the gruffalo!


Each Friday we do a reading raffle where each child recieves a ticket if they have read 3 or more times at home. Keep reading and writing in their reading records to help your child's chances of winning.


Our Easter stay and play fundraiser will take place on Wednesday 21st March. Raffle tickets for this event are on sale each morning from Miss Arundel (£1 for a strip). 

What a fun couple of weeks we've had in F2 so far this half term! Our new topic is 'Would a dinosaur make a good pet?'. We have looked at pictures of dinosaurs and watched clips of them. We have discussed whether the children think they are real or not, and how long ago. The children have been enjoying their new provision which includes a vet's role play area, dinosaur spot tray, dinosaur eggs made out of ice and many other dinosaur related activities!

In Literacy we have read a few Harry and the dinosaur books and used them to write sentences about Harry. We also thought about 'If you had a dinosaur where would you take it?' and used this question as stimulus for our writing competition entries! (Winners for this will be selected at the end of the term).

In Maths we have learnt how to subtract as well as add, and started our work on halving and sharing. The children have learnt how to half shapes and share amounts equally. Next week we will be moving on to 2D and 3D shapes.

In phonics the children have moved on from single sounds (phase 2), and onto digraphs (phase 3). These are 2 letters that make 1 sound (ee, igh, oa, oo, sh, ch, etc). The children have been using these sounds to sound out and blend words to read. We have practiced lots of writing with these sounds too. We have also learnt a new range of tricky words;

he, she, we, me, be, was, they, you, and all.

The children enjoyed the weather last week and loved playing outside, writing letters in the snow and drawing patterns. We also had a visit from the road safety team who advised the children on how to cross a road safely and how to use a crossing to keep safe.

W/C 15.1.18


What an amazing week we've had! The children in F2 have really enjoyed their new Africa topic.

We started our week by inviting a parent speaker to come and discuss her experiences of Africa. She brought some African artefacts to show the children. This included a African clay head and an elephants foot. The children learnt how when elephants pass away, their feet are used to raise money to help other elephants in Africa. The children thought of interesting describing words for these objects and wrote their own words and sentences about them.


Later on in the week we read Handa's surprise and discussed the similarities and diffferences between African people and us. The children thought of their own super sentences to describe Handa and have been working hard on their own independent writing in their choosing time.


In maths we have been continuing to learn how to add using fingers, numicon and objects. We have learnt how to count on by putting a number in our head and adding the other number.


In phonic we have learnt to read and write some digraphs (2 letters that make 1 sound). We have used these to read and write different words. The digraphs we have learnt are; ch, sh, qu, and ng. We have been practising our new tricky words; she, he, we, me, be, and was.


The children have tasted different fruits from the story Handa's suprise which included pineapple and mangos and discussed why it is important to eat healthy foods.



During our first week back we are introducing our new topic 'Africa'. The children will learn all about this continent by exploring the animals that live there, the culture, and exploring different African artifacts. The role play area has been transformed into a jungle cafe and the reading area is full of African objects to explore and a range of fiction and non-fiction texts. 

Before the Christmas holidays, the children were beginning to use the vocabulary involved in addition and adding 2 groups of objects together. We were also learning how to use objects to find 1 more and 1 less. We will begin the term by practising recognising numbers to 20 and putting them in order. Throughout the term we will move onto subtraction.

In Literacy we will continue using our phonics to help us write simple sentences. We have finished learning single sounds in phonics and will move onto 2 letters making 1 sound (digraphs), for example the ee sound in feet, and the sh sound in shed. These will help children to become more fluent at reading and write a wider range of words.


PE will start up again with Mr Bennett on a Friday afternoon, where we will begin gymnastics. The children will learn different ways to travel as well as jumping and landing.


To continue your child's progress in reading, guided reading for each child will take place 2 times per week as well as an individual read with an adult. Reading should also be done 3 times per week at home. 


Here are a few pictures of our last week in F2 before the holidays!


Last week in F2 the children enjoyed their new Christmas provision. We have used catalogues to create our own Christmas list and wrapped our own presents with wrapping paper. 


In Literacy we have enjoyed having our very own elf in our classroom, getting up to mischief after school and before the children arrive. We have used the elf's adventures to write sentences about what he has been doing. 


In Maths we have been working on estimating and addition. We have been combining two groups and counting to total. We have learnt the symbol for addition (+) and used this to solve number sentences (2+2=)


Over the last few weeks we have learnt the sounds; j, x, w, v, z, zz. The children have learnt to recognise these letters and know what sound they make, read words with these sounds in and write words using these new sounds.


We will continue to work on single sounds until Christmas. After Christmas we will begin work on phase 3 phonics which includes learning that 2 letters make 1 sound (sh, ch, ee, etc).

The children have also been practising very hard with their Christmas songs for our carol concert which we are looking forward to performing this week.



Last week in F2 the children have continued to enjoy our space topic. This topic has really hooked the children into their writing. In Literacy this week we read the story ‘The way back home’ and described the boy and the alien from the story. We used our descriptions to create and write a sentence about the alien. The children are using their phonics knowledge and applying it into their writing. The children have also been drawing and naming their own aliens.


In maths we have continued our learning on the numbers to 20, looking at how ‘teen’ numbers are made up (13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19). We have counted out objects carefully and found the number that matches. This week we will begin our work on making sensible estimations.

In phonics we have begun reading more sentences as we practice all of the sounds we know so far. We are also practising our spelling and handwriting after each phonics session. This week we will learn the new sounds j, v, and w.

In PE the children are working on their core strength by making shapes with their body that strengthen their core. This will help children with their writing and sitting at a table.

The other activities we have done this week in provision have included, making rocky road, making Christmas tree decorations, learning how to cross a road safely with our road spot tray, and squiggle while you wiggle which is a programme designed to improve motor control and holding a pencil. We have enjoyed singing whilst practising for our Christmas concert and have started adding our own actions in.


The children continue to have  2 guided reading sessions per week, and focus on reading sentences and making sense of what they are reading. These sessions also help the children to use those vital reading skills, using the pictures as clues, pointing to each word, and sounding out and blending to read each word.

9th November


This week the children have really enjoyed their first week back. Our new topic is Space, and out topic question is 'Is the moon made of cheese?' This question will form the basis of our learning and investigation. The children have enjoyed exploring their new provision. The role play has been transformed into a space centre with rocket tent. The reading corner contains a space ship and 5 little men in a flying saucer stick puppets, and the play dough table has black play dough and astronauts to create a moon scene. 


In Literacy this week we have watched Wallace and Grommit and discussed the characters and their mission to the moon. We have introduced key vocabulary for this topic and explored a piece of moon rock. We have begun our discussion about what the moon is made of, and the children are beginning to understand that the moon is made of rock and not cheese!


In phonics we have been recapping our single sounds; s, a, t and learnt new tricky words no and go. We have practiced reading and writing with our sounds this week. We have also introduced hand writing practice each day to practice our letter formation.


In number we have begun learning about numbers beyond 10; 11 and 12. We will continue our learning on 13, 14, 15 and 16 next week. We have practiced counting and recognising all numbers to 12.


We have started our weekly baking group, in which 2 children each week will bake with Mrs Willis. The children enjoyed making flapjack this week and used their number learning to count scoops in the recipe. The children also explored textures whilst mixing the ingredients.


A lot of children have started moving up reading levels this week as they are using their skills independently (sounding out and blending, using the pictures as clues for the word, and pointing to each word as they read). The children moving up levels also know all of their level 1 key words. Well done to these children!

All children are now having 2 guided reading sessions with an adult each week to focus on book and reading skills.


The WOW work folder is now available in the classroom for parents/carers to look at their child's writing. Work will be added to this folder throughout the year to showcase their progress.


27th October


This week in literacy we have read the story funny bones and looked at a skeleton! We discussed the bones and wrote labels to stick on the skeleton. We sounded words out and listened to the sounds we could hear. We also sequenced parts of the story and labelled our own picture of a skeleton.

In number we have been learning to understand the concept of more and less, and used objects to work out one more and one less. We have also been practising our number recognition to 10.

In phonics we have finished our phase 2 sounds, and have begun practising blending to read, and segmenting to spell. We have been playing lots of games to help us with this. We have also started using glitter plates to practise our letter formation.

After the holidays, our WOW writing folder will be available for parents to view their child’s writing. Over the course of the year, this folder will be updated for parents to see the progress their child is making with their writing. Our WOW writing display will also be updated with a selection of children’s writing. If your child’s writing isn’t on the display this time, then look out for it next half term.

The children’s homework books will contain two pieces of work this week. The first is a spelling activity and the second is a selection of activities for the children to be having a go at over the holidays to prepare for our new topic of aliens and space.

We hope you have a lovely holiday and we look forward to seeing you back on the 7th November.

W.C- 23rd October


Last week in F2 we had a busy week with our phonics learning. We learnt to recognise 'r', 'h' and 'b', and read words containing these sounds. The children are really good at sounding out and are improving at blending. This week in phonics we are learning our final phase 2 sounds, which are; 'f' and 'l'. The children have also been practising tricky words, I, the, and to.


In Literacy we focused on the book SNAP! and labelled a shark picture using the initial sounds that we could hear.


In maths we have been learning the value of number 10 and how to make this number in different ways (eg. 5 and 5, 7 and 3, etc). We used the counting bears, numicon and counters to help us do this. We have also used natural materials outside to help us count (conkers, leaves, sticks, etc).


In our weekly forest schools activity, we went on a number hunt and a letter hunt and practised writing the numbers and letters on the play ground in chalks.

W.C- 9th October


This week in Literacy we have begun our termly competition writing. For our inspiration for this we met Luna the dog and discussed how to handle her safely. We also learnt about questions and thought of our own questions to find out more information about her. Some of the children then took Luna for a walk in our outdoor area. 


In maths we have been practising our 'careful counting' which involves lining objects up before we count them and making sure we only count 1 at a time. 


In phonics we have learnt the sounds; ck, e and u. We have used these sounds to sound out and blend words to read them. We have also begun listening for the sounds in words to spell and write them. We have learnt the tricky word 'I' and used this in our own sentences. We have enjoyed playing buried treasure, obb and bob and whats in the box to help us with our blending.


We have begun guided reading this week as well as individual reading to focus on book skills.


Our phonics workshop will be at 9:10am and 2:30pm on the 16th October for parents wanting to learn more about the teaching of phonics in order to support their children at home.

This week in Foundation 2 we have continued to settle well into our new classroom! In literacy we have continued our topic work on 'what lurks beneath?' We have researched different under the sea creatures and drawn pictures of them. We have even begun listening for the first sound in the words and writing them down! We have been exploring objects that could be found under the sea such as shells and coral, and used language to describe them (spiky, soft, pointy, etc)


In maths we have been learning about the numbers 4, 5, and 6 and learning different ways to make these numbers. We have carefully counted objects into groups and practiced writing these numbers down. We have ordered numbers to 5 and counted out objects to match these numbers. We will continue our learning on numbers to 10 in the upcoming weeks.


In phonics we have learnt the following sounds; s, a, t, p, i, n, m, d, g, o, c, and k. We are beginning to use these sounds to read words such as dog, pin, sat and mat. We have enjoying playing games to help us blend such as buried treasure and obb and bob. 


Shining Star's have an amazing class attendance percentage and have won a roll of the dice on the classopoly game 2 weeks in a row. In the first week we won a craft session where we made paper plate turtles and decorated them, and for our seccond week, we won ice cream! Details of this game can be found in the school hall on the display board. The children's attendance has made us really proud and we hope the children continue this throughout the year.


Our provision activities have included ice play, writing letters in shaving foam, and drawing pictures of ourselves. Below are a few pictures of our learning.

What a fantastic first week in foundation the children have had! They have all settled in really well and becoming more confident each day.


In phonics this week we have learnt the sounds for these letters: s, a, t, p, i, n and learnt what words begin with these sounds. We played odd one out to help us with this as well as trying to draw the letters in the air and in glitter.

In maths this week we have learnt to recognise numbers 1-4 and counted objects to match these numbers. We have looked at the things that come in 2’s, 3’s and 4’s and learnt how to count these numbers on our fingers.


Our provision activities have also included colour mixing to paint sea creatures, creating masks, drawing pictures of under the sea creatures, cutting spaghetti and using wheelbarrows to dig in the mud. All the children have also practiced writing their names.


In the children’s first PE session they practiced simple ball skills and practiced getting dressed and undressed. This is an important part of a child’s learning and with plenty of practice will hopefully be able to do this independently over time.


The children now all have reading books and will be reading 1 to 1 with an adult each week. The children will also receive home learning tasks on a Friday to be completed over the weekend. This will help the children apply their school learning at home.


A letter will shortly be sent home to give you information about morning activities that will take place and what day your child will be expected to do theirs. All letters that you may have missed can be found on the parent information board located outside foundation 2.


More displays will be added around the classroom this week to showcase the children’s work and pictures of their first week’s in foundation 2.