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(F1) Butterflies Mrs Steeple

Welcome to the class page of Butterflies, our F1 class.


On this page you will find details of any activities and trips, weekly photographs and exciting topics.


If you have any questions please speak to any of the classroom staff.


Foundation 1: The Tour (2020)

Welcome to Foundation 1, our youngest class in the main building of school. Here our early years teachers provide a plethora or learning provision. The child...

This term our focus has been the changes that happen in Autumn. We have been looking at the trees and what happens with the leaves and their colour changes. We have talked about the changes in weather and how cold it is getting.

Following on from looking at all the different leaves we started to identify and name them.

We have been looking a tall the different colours of the fallen leaves.The children painted an Autumn wreath ready to embellish with some leaves,developing great painting skills.

As part of our bonfire night celebrations the children tasted parkin.

In forest school the children used magnifying glasses to see if any mini beasts have moved into our new bug hotel. The children found lots of ladybirds.They also challenged themselves to climb the trees

The children took home Autumn treasure collecting bags. They explored and talked about all the different leaves, conkers, cones and even a sheep's horn. we talked about all the different textures too.

Our star of the week.

Our superheroes of the week.

In phonics this week we have been learning to be good listeners. We have been naming , listening to the sound and playing instruments.

Our superhero of the week

Our star of the week

This week we have had an amazing time building our bug hotel. This year our class project is to build and maintain a bug hotel. After talking about all the different mini beasts that might like to come and stay. The children collected leaves and sticks and used other objects that have been collected previously and decided how the hotel was going to look. This showed great team work and turn taking.

We have finished our recycle display. The children have been developing their brush skills when painting their fish. They have loved decorating them to make them sparkle.

A few photos of new provision. We have a Story focus area, a space den following on from our last weeks story Whatever Next.. Also a following on from looking and talking about families we have set up an animal family small world and different families.

Our star of the week

Our superheroes of the week.

Our superheroes of the week.

Our star of the week.

This week in Phonics we are learning to be good listeners. We went on an environment walk listening out for any sounds we could hear. We used our listening ears to help.

Following on from our last few weeks of stories about how we can look after our planet. We have been recycling and re using objects to make seaweed and turtles for our display. The children enjoyed painting the giant bubble wrap using their brush skills to get into all the bubbles.

Forest school this we went up onto our 2nd site. The children enjoyed the woods, making leaf crowns, throwing leaves, kicking leaves and listening to the sound of them and much more exploring.

Superheroes of the week.

Star of the week

Our star of the week.

Our Superheroes of the week

Our week in F1 Butterflies. We had real vegetables in our mud kitchen, enjoyed playing in the water, used our construction bricks, had a visit from Luna our school dog and much more...

Our first week in forest school. The children were very excited to explore. They made mud pies, climbed trees, fed the chickens, found spider webs and slug eggs,we made a den and much more.

Normally when you bring your child into class you see what our provision is like, as this is not happening I thought I would put some pictures up of each area. This might help when asking your child what they have be doing during their time at school.

Wow what a fantastic start to our new school year. The f1 Butterflies were amazing this week, they explored and made new friends.