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Our School Councillors

In September  each class held nominations and voted for two classmates to become school councillors. When choosing their candidates they had to think about, who would be a good role model, who follows our school ‘Green Family Values’ , who would have good ideas, who would work  well as part of a team and who would be confident to speak out on behalf of other children.

As a result the following children were chosen:



Year 1:

Year 1:

Year 1:

Year 1:

Year 2:

Year 2:

Year 2:

Year 2:


The school council have an important role within school. They are responsible for helping the school staff to gather ideas and information from their classmates regarding many different topics. They take turns each week to update class attendance boards and they feedback any ideas or suggestions from their classmates at council meetings.


At our first school council meeting the children introduced themselves to each other, we discussed their roles and responsibilities as Councillors and the children had their photographs taken for their notice board. Each Councillor was given their own school council pin badge.

The children applications back to their class for anyone wishing to apply to be a playground buddy.


At our next school council meeting the children brought back a list of applicants for the playground Buddy role. We talked about what attributes a good Playground Buddy should have then we discussed the candidates for each class. We then voted for two Playground Buddies for each class.

The children went back to class and informed their classmates of the results.


We discussed what makes us a healthy school and we talked about holding a healthy school poster competition for all the children to participate in.

The children went back to class with information sheets about the competition to share with their class.



During our meeting we judged the competition entries and voted for a first, second and third place winner.

The following day in assembly we announced the winners and presented the first place winner with a basket of fruit to take back to their classroom.


Mrs Steeple asked the School Council  to gather some information about which Authors were the children’s favourite so that she could make a display for the school corridor.  The Councillors took back an A3 sheet for their classmates to record their answer.


Mr Minor wanted to find out how the Children at Brampton Cortonwood feel about school, so the school council came up with a list of questions to find out. Cameron and Josh took the list to Mr Minor to see what he thought. Mr Minor really liked their list of questions.


We recapped the list of questions and talked about our own thoughts. The Councillors then took the questionnaires back to class for their classmates to fill in.


Our School Councillors were given the very important job of showing the Rotherham Charter and Genuine Partnerships Team around school. They showed them all around school and answered lots of questions about our school environment and the things we like to do when we are at school. 

The team were so impressed by our Councillors that they wrote them a letter of thanks.

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The school council met this morning (18.6.18) so that Mrs Preece could say a big thank you to the Councillors for all their hard work and their contribution this year. We talked about what we had enjoyed most about our roles and the children all chose a prize from the prize box as a reward.