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(F2) Bright Sparks - Miss Barker

Bright Sparks

Teacher: Miss Barker

Support: Miss Arundel, Miss Hall and Mrs Willis


Welcome to the Bright Sparks class page!

We have had an amazing first week back. It was fantastic to see so many children dressed up as an alien on our first day back.


The children have been very excited about our theme. Our key question is: ‘Is the moon made of cheese? We introduced our new topic by watching Wallace and Gromit - A Grand Day Out. The children have been very engaged in our new provision; pretending to visit the moon to see aliens.


This half term we are concentrating on letter formation and spelling simple words in phonics. This week we have focused on the sounds s,a,t and p.


In maths we have started to learn our teen numbers. We have looked at numbers 11 and 12. We have been making the numbers with objects, practicing writing them and ordered the numbers from 1-12.


Daniel Bennett is helping us this half term in PE. He is supporting us develop our coordination skills through ball skills. This week we have been developing our throwing and catching skills.


We are becoming fabulous at reading with some children now reading level 2 book! Keep up the good work reading at home.

Autumn 2 Home Learning

Autumn 2 Home Learning  1

Over the last few weeks in phonics we have learned these sounds: ck, e, u, r, h, b, f and l. We have been starting read and blend these sounds together words. Also in phonics we have been trying hard to hear the middle and end sound in words too.


In maths we have learned the numbers all our numbers to 10. We have been ordering them, writing them and solving simple problems.


In the children’s first few PE session we have been doing activities to help us with our core strength. These activities will help us when we are writing and mark making.


We started guided reading groups this week. In the groups we practice skills for book reading e.g. finding the front cover, pointing to the words and finding a full stop.


I have been very impressed at everyone’s homework and is making a fantastic impact on children’s learning.

When Luna visited our class!

What a fantastic first few weeks in foundation! They have all settled in really well and are very enthusiastic about learning.


So far in phonics we have learned these sounds: s, a, t, p, i, n, m, g, c, k and learned what words begin with these sounds. We are starting to read and blend these sounds together to read simple words.


In maths we have learned the numbers 1 – 9. We have made the numbers with objects, recognised the numbers and written them numbers in glitter.


Our provision is helping us learn new skills like colour mixing, making different shades of blue and green. We have been practicing our cutting skills in the workshop and outside digging using the spades building up our gross motor strength.


In the children’s first few PE session  we have played some simple games using our listening skills. The children can now all find a space.


The children now all have reading books and will be reading 1 to 1 with an adult each week. The children will also receive home learning tasks on a Friday to be completed over the weekend. This will help the children apply their school learning at home.


We have started morning activities that will take place each morning. All letters that you may have missed can be found on the parent information board located outside foundation 2.